Concrete LIfting

Concrete Lifting

Concrete is heavy! But not as heavy as gold. However, it may cost the same depending on your needs. JUST KIDDING. There is instant gratification in lifting sinking cracked concrete. However; is followed by the joy of it being level again in a couple of hours, so your customer can enjoy it. Concrete lifting or Mudjacking is used for concrete levelling and repairing uneven drops in sidewalks, driveways or concrete patio slabs.

A performance blend of cement powder, clay, sand and water mixture is used in specific ratios. That the blend then travels in all directions to fill every void and empty space under the concrete slab. Typically cracking happens when voids exist under a concrete slab; however, heaving can also cause cracks. The cracks become more distinct as the concrete sinks lower, and an uneven way drop can happen, leaving a tripping hazard. If you delay too long, your concrete may get too damaged to lift and instead need to be replaced.


The Concrete Doctors lift concrete using various techniques for repairing driveways, sidewalks, steps. Only a skilled technician who works with concrete daily can apply the right repair for your project needs. Understanding what has happened is just as important as being able to do the job so that mitigation tools can prevent future issues. Once the concrete is lifted, it will stay lifted, and that is why we have a warranty to provide you with confidence. Furthermore, helping educate the client is part of our goal. We urge clients to take the time to evaluate their options and to select the best choice for their home or business. By evaluating each option, you will understand the process and the costs. If you have any questions about using foam to lift concrete, scroll around the website to find out more about our services and how we can potentially help.

Concrete Lifting

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