Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting in Edmonton also known as mudjacking is one of our best concrete services. The Concrete Doctors are determined to offer you a cost-effective solution to raising your concrete. We will provide insight and answers as to why it sunk in the first place. New concrete replacement can be more expensive than repairing your damaged concrete, Our blend of sand, clay and Portland cement can raise your concrete to provide a sturdy permanent solution. The holes are 1 ½” in diameter and skillfully patched by one of our technicians. We offer a variety of mix designs to lift your concrete completing the most stubborn jobs needing mudjacking.

Do you hate your uneven, unsightly concrete? Sinking concrete driveways and sidewalks are common safety hazards that can be dangerous. When left ignored, the problem will only get worse due to the Canadian climate. We will work with you to address any issues you may have including Driveways, Sidewalks, Concrete Stairs, Precast stairs, Patios and Foundations.


  • Traditional Concrete Leveling
  • Void and Grade Filling
  • Industrial Floor Leveling
  • Large area Slab Jacking
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Concrete Lifting

What are the differences between Concrete Lifting Vs Poly?

Cost!! Both methods achieve similar results. Concrete lifting with either product provides support by pumping either material under the slab. Concrete settling is commonly due to poor soil or water erosion conditions below a slab causing them to sink. Therefore, using a mudjacking compound of a sand and clay based material that is infused with Portland cement to provide rigidity is the best option. This slurry is pumped under the slab to fill voids and raise the concrete. Mud Jacking material will weigh more than the poly product and act like a light duty concrete pile.

Large hole and collapsed Earth filling

The shifting or sinking earth is unpredictable due to the freeze thaw cycles. Voids or collapsed earth can appear and cause expensive damage to your property. An examination is critical to determine what the root cause of the issue. Over time utility pipes, evesthoughs, or improper grading can cause depressions weakening the support soil.

  • Cracks in drywall or doorways
  • Structures sitting uneven
  • Dips, Cracks or depressions in the concrete or landscaping

Concrete Slab Lifting Near Me

Concrete lifting in Edmonton is most commonly used when soil has sank, however other facts may be present. Mudjacking driveway slabs, sidewalks or patios is the typical application. The most general concrete lifting installations are on older homes concrete slabs which have begun sinking, We have done work to Garages, Warehouses, Grocery stores, Greenhouses, Schools. We will approach your project with an easy to work with attitude.

No matter the size of your project, The Concrete Doctors are here to help. Let us help fix your uneven and sinking concrete.

Concrete Lifting Near Me

Concrete Lifting Edmonton