Concrete removal isn’t as easy as it seems. Depending on the location and project, a jackhammer can break up concrete, but what do you do with the broken pieces? Sometimes Concrete demolition in Edmonton require a large skidsteer, however The Concrete Doctors provide all aspects removal services and have a concrete recycling facility to dispose of it. When it comes to breaking up an old driveway, sidewalk, patio, or other concrete, we can walk you through the process!

Problems Experienced in Removing Concrete

Before breaking up concrete, the concrete doctors will meet to discuss issues that may arise and mitigate them. Concrete removal in Edmonton has its challenges. We have found electrical wires buried and not marked, plumbing that was not on an RPR or plot plan. Call us today to help!

Property damage – When removing concrete, pieces can fly everywhere. It would be best to have a strategy so that a window or your siding is not damaged; that where we can help. Concrete has rebar or wire messed encased in the middle if the contractor did his job. Consequently, the metal rebar and broken concrete have sharp edges that can damage your property if not done correctly. It is also tricky to load so that it doesn’t damage our equipment.

Hauling costs – The concrete is now all broken and needs to be loaded to haul away. It very heavy and may require many trips depending on its size. All of these details dictate the cost of the job. Loading, hauling, dumping and travel time all add up with running heavy equipment. The Concrete Doctors will do their best to explain and determine the costs. Costly expenses such as disposal fees, fuel, labour hours and wear on the trucks need to be considered.

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