Patching Concrete

Patching Concrete is used to repair concrete surfaces and structures. It is essential to assess the substrate and decide if the concrete patching compound will last. Concrete can get rotten. However, we don’t call it that we refer to it as concrete degradation.

Concrete can become damaged for many reasons:

  1. Heat such as fire.
  2. Aggregate expansion.
  3. Freeze-thaw effects.
  4. Bacterial corrosion such as carpet on top.
  5. Calcium or Deicing chemical break down.
  6. Physical damage.

The Concrete Doctors will help you in your investigation to determine the cause of the deterioration. Addressing the general concrete repair includes testing the site physically with light impact or scraping to decide how to prevent further degradation. When there is exposed rebar or large cracks, a structural test will need to be performed? Simply filling holes caused by cracking or left after the loss of spalled or damaged concrete will result in the product failure again.

There are numerous techniques are available for the repair, however each situation is different. Concrete is a structural building material that serves as a walking surface, foundation or barring point. The Concrete Doctors use repair techniques for each situation presented. The proper approach will depend on the cause of the initial damage. Will the repair need to be load-bearing? Which is the best concrete patching compound to use.

Should you require help with selecting your concrete patching compound we are here to help.

Concrete Patching required
Concrete Patching required