Precast steps in Edmonton

Concrete Steps and Precast Steps in Edmonton need to be replaced typically every 15-20 years, depending on the homeowner’s maintenance. This is due to the freeze that cycles in Alberta. Concrete steps have been known to require replacing in 2-5 years in some instances because salt or de-icing chemicals were applied to the surface, leading to degradation of the concrete material. In these instances, often repairs can be done; however, it all depends on the damage. Often repairs are a temporary fix that requires sealing and proper upkeep, or they will fail. We recommend that if ice builds up on your concrete, you use sand or fine course rock as an alternative to ice melt or salt. CONTACT US today to get your concrete step quote.

Holes in Precast or Concrete Steps

If you have a hole or large cracks in your concrete steps, it is wise to get them replaced as soon as possible. Having the liability that someone has hurt themselves on your property is not a good feeling. The Concrete Doctors can help by providing pour in place or precast solutions on jobs that typically entail the removal and replacement of any existing concrete. We check your foundation for cracks or damage after the removal is completed, safeguarding against possible water penetration points. The next step is ensuring that the brackets or piles that the concrete steps sit on are secure. The final step is to lift the products or pour the new step

Railings for Precast and Concrete Steps

Does your home or business require railing replacement or adjustment on your steps? We can also include a railing replacement quote for your property, so that visitors have a safe and efficient manner when arriving at your home. We offer many styles and, in some instances, can repair existing railing for you.

Precast Step with railing
Precast step with railing

Sidewalks and Pour in place stairs

All exterior concrete stairs and walkways share the same requirements and safety considerations. When preparation begins for your concrete stairs, we will set the riser height and tread depth. The landing and space under the door can also be manipulated to ensure a smooth transition, However, please note your concrete steps need to meet the Alberta Building Code and have a railing after more than three risers in height. Minimum and maximum riser heights along with minimum tread depth can vary with poured concrete onsite to match grades and elevation.


Concrete Stairs and Sidewalks
Pour in place steps