Concrete Restoration Repair

There is a significant difference between new concrete surfaces and old concrete that cracked and faded due to freeze-thaw and dramatic weather exposure. Cracks can develop due to many reasons. However, improperly placed concrete can lead to spelling or flaking. When the concrete mixture is placed too wet and the mixture ratio is out of wack, problems are common. Due to the Canadian climate keeping your concrete looking good is a challenge! The Concrete doctors are here to provide a variety of solutions and Concrete Restoration Repair.

Our job is to provide a concrete facelift that is professional and aesthetically pleasing. We guarantee the results with our warranty. Resurfacing materials from our partners in the industry concrete have different applications. Multiple thin coatings,or you can apply a single thick one depending on the concrete restoration you need.You will need to consider the concrete finish you would like to achieve. Preparation of the substrate is crucial in order to get great results. You’ll want to clean the concrete thoroughly and grind or apply acid if the surface is smooth. Concrete grinding is when the concrete surface is roughened to accept a sealer or resurfacing material.test

Micro toppings

Micro toppings are intended to be applied in thin layers, no more than 1/8 inch thick. The Concrete Doctors overlay combines an add mixture with a polymer blend. Sometimes an adhesive premix is used, or a roll-on premier is needed. Application of a concrete overlay system for restoration of a  pad is applied with a trowel and hand finished out.It is common for the concrete overlay to be applied in multiple layers for best results. More severe problems should be remedied before you attempt resurfacing.

Stamping Concrete Overlays

You can have stampable overlays in patterns; however, this is much more labour intensive. The mixture is a cementitious blend and can be placed thicker. We offer a selection of patterns, such as slat, bricks or wood, by using sheet rubbers.

Multi use Overlays

Multipurpose custom concrete overlays contain a mixture of large sand and pebble gravel. When applied in thin layers with at rowel and broom or by spraying, it leaves a rough surface. Their primary purpose is to provide a texture that is slip-resistant. You would want to use one of these you want to create a non-slip surface for safety

Self-levelling Concrete Overlays

Self-levelling concrete overlays are designed for resurfacing excessively cracked or pitted concrete. Although some spreading is required after poured onto the surface, you can use a metal squeegee to spread it out. The product tends to level on its own in time.

The most important part of a concrete overlay is the preparation of the substrate surface.Thorough grinding and cleaning are necessary. Wet sandblasting with a pressure washer is sometimes the best of a large surface. The Concrete Doctors will fill cracks and holes with a unique blend of patching material compounds and then top with a concrete overlay of your choice.