Concrete Patio Slabs

What are Concrete Slabs used for?

Having concrete experience is more than just being able to tie rebar and finish the concrete slabs. It’s about understanding the steps and procedures to get a strong foundation slab or concrete patio. Furthermore, concrete is one of the most durable and robust materials you can build with, making it ideal for slab construction. Depending on the size, shape and loading, rebar design and engineering might need to happen. The simple fact is a concrete slab can be very simple to cast or, in contrast, very difficult.

Does Concrete Expand?

A thermally conductive material takes on the heat or the cold expanding and contracting due to concrete properties. When it comes to pouring and the longevity of the slab, it all starts at the base. How much moisture is present? Sometimes it is necessary to add steel piles or compaction. This is used to ensure a durable base is present to hold the slab in place without sinking, cracking or shifting.

What do I use slabs for?

Rebar for shop slab
Rebar for shop slab

Residential concrete patio slabs, Commercial Buildings, Washrooms, Garden Sheds, Decks or Patios, Houses without basements, Shop floors. Placing steel rebar: To prevent cracks and have strong concrete slabs, we install steel rebar for reinforcement. These are often about come in different sizes and are referred to as 10mm,15mm or 20mm bar. Depending on the engineered design you are looking for, The Concrete Doctors can also help with concrete slab lifting if needed.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Are you looking of traditional grey broomed concrete or stamped imprinted patterns? Stamping freshly placed concrete allows you can achieve different decorative stone or brick pavement layouts. Stamped concrete is often called textured or embossed patterns. When done correctly, stamped concrete replicates stones work like slate flagstone, tile, brick and even rough wood.

Does it look fake?

Stamped concrete looks very genuine because most of the stamping mats as casting from authentic materials. This means you end up with a very realistic design, and when different shaker colours and sealers are applied, it is challenging to distinguish for the real thing. In most cases, stamped concrete holds up better because of the detailed base and the rebar reinforcing.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Can stamped concrete be slick?

Understanding that stamped concrete is a textured surface and can be a little slippery is part of the product itself. However, with sealers are applied simply mixing in a little sand provides a slip-resistant quality. Furthermore, just like natural materials, when snow or rain hit the surface wet, it can become slippery.