Another winter is just about over, and mother nature is about to reck havoc on concrete with her freeze thaw cycles. Commonly, our Alberta climate we will see around an average of 100 or so times where the temperature will raise about 0 degrees and then cool off below -5 degrees. This will cause a few things to happen. Any weak concrete or surface abused by ice melt will end up popping and separating from the surface requiring concrete repair, only to allow moisture to soak back up and repeat the breakdown of the surface.

Edmonton Alberta has an interior microclimate with more sunshine than any other province. Winters are dry and cold, with Chinook winds sometimes offering reprieve, so when spring finally arrives, it’s time to celebrate. There is no better time than mid-April to start thinking about your projects for the summer and holidays you have to book.

The Concrete Doctors offer many types of concrete services; however, knowing the best direction for your project is when the planning can start. Whether you are looking for a repair on existing concrete or a new stamped concrete patio, let us provide some insight.


Concrete resurfacing is increasing in demand due to a homeowner’s ability to repair worn concrete using high-performance concrete coatings. By resurfacing old concrete, sometimes the costs are significantly less than the process of replacements saving you the money you can use to upgrade other parts of your yard.

Concrete lifting is used when your concrete has sunk. Let us provide insight and answers as to why it sunk in the first place. New concrete replacement can be more expensive than repairing your damaged concrete

How about a concrete patio for hosting your summer party’s. Your new concrete patio can be sealed and designed to look like a million bucks without the upkeep of a wood deck. Concrete is a versatile material that allows you to add colour, patterns and cast it in many shapes. Forget the wood deck; let’s do a new concrete patio!

Concrete Repair Grinding
Concrete Repair Grinding


Do not use de-icing salts or ice melt on concrete.  Use clean sand for traction.  When conditions permit, broom off salt build up deposited by vehicles on newly placed driveways, approaches, and garage slabs.  

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