Concrete Coring in Construction

Concrete Coring and Cutting is typically utilized to create a passageway for the conduct, electrical, plumbing, or gas. The process is basic and straightforward as long as you have the experience and proper coring tools. Hilti has the market corned in this regard, and it is definitely the leader.

Set up of the drill and water canister takes about 15-20 depending on the size of the hole required. The process once the drill starts can take around 20-40 mins, contingent on the depth required. The Concrete Doctors can help with your renovation project or core a hole in your basement foundations using a few different methods. The drills used are light weights and rotate slowly as water is applied which can make a mess if you do not have the slurry water management system.  The holes will vary in diameter to meeting the requirements of the projects.

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