Concrete Sealing and Sandblasting
Concrete sealing and Sandblasting is a regular maintenance item for your household routine typically performed in the spring and summer months. Due to concrete being an absorbent material by nature and its microscopic holes, it acts like a sponge absorbing water. Most concrete has air entrainment for the northern Canadian environment because of the benefits. However, too much air or not enough will be harmful to your concrete. Without the protection of a concrete sealer, water can freeze inside the cavities and cause your concrete to pop, spall, pit, or even crack.

The Concrete Doctors know how to help prevent that from happening by properly Concrete Sealing and Sandblasting yearly. We recommend performing preventative measures like patching material to fill the cracks in your concrete, preventing water penetration. The concrete’s surface will dramatically increase your concrete driveways and walkways’ lifespan.