Overlay on sidewalk

Commercial Condo Management company required an overlay to be completed on its existing sidewalks because of an underground Parkade below. Therefore, by removing the old concrete a problem would have been created. Hence, this was not an option due to the fact that the water tight deal beneath the concrete could be damaged. Restoration and overlay on the sidewalk was the only option.

Grinding for Overlay on sidewalk

Concrete Overlays Micro Topping

Concrete repair overlays on sidewalks are intended to be used when new concrete isn’t an option. The Concrete Doctors apply thin layers that are no more than 1/8 inch thick. We have found that we must patch all the cracks and holes before the application of the overlay for best results. However, The Concrete Doctors overlay combines add mixtures with blended polymer concrete. Sometimes an adhesive premix is used, or a roll-on premier is needed. For the best application of a concrete overlay system, trowel and hand-finishing are required. It is common for the concrete overlays to be applied in multiple layers for best results. For instance, severe problems should be remedied and evaluated before you attempt resurfacing. This can include a combination of concrete techniques, products and grinding.


Today’s market has seen the selection of products for overlaying sidewalks grow at an exponential rate. As a results manufacturers have met the demand by coming up with newly formatted solutions. The typical request is for a concrete thin-set that can cure fast and have a high chemical resistance. The other aspects these compounds must have is an excellent bond with admixtures. The more abrasion resistant and adherence, the better. The benefit of having many choices in our product selection means you now have your choice to fit your budget.

Overlay on Sidewalk

February 8, 2022


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