Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is one of the most versatile building materials that you can use. It is incredibly durable and difficult to break when appropriately cast. When changes need to be made, or mistakes happen, one solution is to cut the concrete. Cutting concrete is pretty straight forward in its language and action. The Concrete Doctors use small to large equipment to cut through concrete with a special diamond-tipped blade. Cutting concrete is typically challenging, dirty and time-consuming; however, the concrete cutting industry has adapted by offering solutions to make the process streamline in some regards. Dust collection and wet vacuums are utilized so that safety for dust and debris on site is kept to a minimum. Silica dust exposure can cause scarring and hardening of the lungs, so that’s why we take various precautions on the job sites like venting and masks.

Concrete cutting can break down into a few various services.

  • Slab Cutting to renovate or fix a mistake on the job site. This usually for HVAC or placement of new pipes, electrical or drains. Level surfaces, streets, floors, connect decks, suspended pieces, and rooftops can be sliced rapidly and precisely up to an accuracy of 30” with the utilization of jewel tipped sharp edges. Our gear goes from stroll behind to hand-held models relying upon the size of the cut required. The Concrete Doctors level saws range from small low horsepower machines to 120 HP in power. Our cutting edge gear allows fast arrangement and job time for more activity with little interruption to various projects ongoing onsite.


  • Wall Cutting places an opening in a wall or fixes a mistake on the job site with a foundation or wall. Each circumstance is a little different and requires larger tools. Typically for creating a new entrance on commercial jobs. The Rack-mounted diamond concrete cutting saws are used when exact, clean-cut openings in vertical surfaces are required. These powerful machines are great at cutting round surfaces, tanks, buildings, and towers. Our concrete wall cutting saws leave a smooth cut that is a must for door frames, windows, and louvers with no damage to the leftover structure.
  • Wire Saw Cutting to tackle large jobs with oversized depths on job sites. This typically is for bulky jobs where demolition is not an option. Utilizing this tool is considerably less nosey and precise. Concrete wire saw cutting is ideal for cutting volume concrete jobs. These machines are used to make short work of strong concrete with rebar reinforcement and in areas requiring different techniques. Wire concrete sawing applications are used to eliminate huge fortified concrete segments to be lifted and disposed of in solid pieces. Some examples are bridges, commercial buildings or large structure like extension segments elevator shifts. This high-level strategy for solid cutting offers numerous preferences including no vibration, no residue, and no interruption to adjoining activities, enormously diminishing working hours.

  • Core Drilling to renovate or fix a mistake on the job site. This is generally for HVAC or placement of new pipes, electrical. Our diamond coring drills can cut openings from 1/2” to 3’ in diameter. Concrete coring openings can be level, plumb, angled or on a point either above or underground or submerged. Typical penetrating applications are used regularly for course links, conductor lines, and wires through concrete walls. Often, we receive calls for remodels, destruction or new development.


Our versatility and selection of services can work for just about any project.  Our large selection of tools and Equipment help serve many industry and trade professions in our area.

  • General Contractors
  • Plumbing & Electrical Companies
  • Precast & Tilt Up Concrete
  • HVAC Companies
  • Demolition & Restoration
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Municipalities & Counties
  • Sewer and Water Contractors
  • Home Owners