Welcome to the Concrete Doctors

The Concrete Doctors specialize in concrete repair and service work.

Our Company and products are serving a large variety of commercial construction and residential customers. Customer service is essential to us, and we pride ourselves on straightforward communication. Competence in a job is the result of years of experience in the industry. Due to the Canadian climate, concrete repair work must be done to maintain your property from any safety concerns. Our Company is working on it to make it better for you. Ice buildup on sidewalks, steps or pour draining can expose unneeded liability to your property. This is due to the harsh freeze cycles that your concrete must endure in a typical year. (add link to literature)

One of the most durable construction materials around is concrete when poured correctly. The mixtures of cement powder, rock aggregates, sand, fly ash, and admixtures combine to make this robust and resilient material for construction use. However, all concrete will still deteriorate over time in the Canadian four-season cycles. The natural exposure to the elements will be continually attacking your concrete from the day it is poured. The challenge with our Canadian climate is that repeated freeze-thaw cycles and ground movement impact your property. Concrete repair work is needed because concrete is a porous material in constant contact with the environment. One of the worst things you can do is sprinkle deicing salts or chemicals sold at various local box stores.

Chipping, cracking, heaving, and vehicle impacts are a few other factors that concrete has to tolerate. Let us educate you on how we can help


  • Professional competent service and a dedicated team to your project.
  • Clear communication and responsive crew to answer any questions.
  • Explain the scope of work and outcome so that expectations are met-on both sides
  • Experienced professionals with skilled craftsmanship
  • Provide written quotes for agreed work