Mud jacking

Mud jacking and Concrete lifting is also one of our best services. The Concrete Doctors are determined to offer you a cost-effective solution to raise your concrete; however, we also like to provide insight and answers as to why it sunk in the first place. New concrete replacement can be more expensive than repairing your damaged concrete. Our polyurethane injection foam systems can raise your concrete to provide a sturdy, permanent solution to sinking concrete. The ploy system uses5/8″holes to inject our foam under your sunken concrete. Mud jacking and Concrete lifting is also one of our best services. Should you require traditional mud jacking and concrete lifting, we can also provide that solution. The holes are a little bigger at 1 ½”holes. We offer a variety of mix designs to raise your concrete.




  • Stabilization of your grade soil and soil testing
  • Polyurethane or Traditional Concrete Raising
  • Void Filling, Grading fill,
  • Foam injection or Concrete pump




  • Industrial Floor Leveling
  • Large area Slab Jacking
  • Foam injection

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Do you hate your uneven, unsightly concrete? Sinking concrete driveways and sidewalks are common safety hazards that can be dangerous. When left ignored,the problem will only get worse due to the Canadian climate

We will work with you to address these issues, including:

  • Driveways, Sidewalks, Concrete Stairs, Precast stairs, Patios, Foundations

The Concrete Doctors polyurethane lifting material leaves less mess and typically lasts long after the application is complete. We do an assessment and help you understand what needs to happen, so your issue is addressed correctly.

We shine in void filling and ground stabilization.More significant issues are often at play, which can pose a severe threat to your home’s foundation. It’s essential to use a material to solidify the ground around your home’s foundation to give your home a stable base that won’t reduce or erode.




The Concrete Doctors use polyurethane foam injection to stabilize the ground as well as testing the soil that has shifted. It is essential to understand the problem and address it accordingly. The polymaterial does not rot over time and will stop this issue from degrading. Contact us a quote.

Sinking ground is one of the largest threats to your home. It is normal that after a house is built, the ground the foundation is built on shifts and settles. While this is standard, it can weaken and affect the structure of the house. Someevidence of ground shifting is:

  • Cracks in interior walls and floors
  • Cracks in foundation and frequent telepost adjustments
  • Doors or windows that will no longer close or have gaps


What are the differences between Mudjacking and Polyurethane Concrete Raising?

Basically, cost!! Both methods achieve similar results. The yraise and support sunken or un even concrete pumping either material under the slab.


Concrete Settling is commonly due to poor soil and water erosion conditions below a slab. Polyurethane lifting is now trendy repair method because the material is so lightweight and expands to fill the void for support.

Mudjacking uses a sand-based material that is generally infused with Portland cement to provide rigidity. This slurry is pumped under the slab to fill voids and raise the concrete. Mudjacking material will weigh more than the poly product.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising injects foam under the slab that swells. When the mixture of chemicals is pumped into the void,a reaction causes the material to inflate. This expanded foam fills any voids and begins to raise the concrete.


Both methods will leave holes in the concrete. While the poly holes are smaller, the traditional mudjacking holes are both repaired to leave minimal appearance.


Concrete raising can be half the total cost oftotalreplacement. When voids are present,this can increase the costs. Polyurethaneliftingis more expensive than mudjacking material, but has its advantages

Largehole and collapsed Earth filling

The shiftingearth in sometimes unpredictabledue to the freeze thaw cycles. Voids or collapase earth filling can appear and cause expensive damage toproperty. An examination is critical to determinewhat the root cause of the issue. Over timeutility pipes,eversthoughs, or improper garding can cause depressions weakening the soil.If you notice a sudden sinkhole in corration to the following give us call:

  • Cracks in drywall or doorways
  • Structuressitting uneven
  • Dips, Cracksor depressions in the concrete or landscaping

The Concrete Doctors use our polyurethanematerial to address thesinkholes or voids. It is vital to stop the damage before it gets worse then it is. A bad situation can turn into a dangerous one quickly when left ingnored.

Echoing Foamjection is the process of load bearing capacity of the soilsby injecting the Polyurthane deep.

  • Repairs unbalanced loams
  • Provides bearing to support slabs and structures that have settled
  • Ployfollows the path of least resistance and will fill weak areas
  • Fills fissures and ground voids
  • Ployurthane foam fill voids that have hold water dispersing it
  • Ployurthane foam has a load bearing volume
  • Lasting repair that never changes profileor absorbs water
  • Ploy foam will expand andbindtothe soil making it solidand ridgd
Concrete Slab Lifting
Concrete concrete liftingis also reffered to as ploy jacking or mud jacking. The single most common lifting applicaltion is slabs either on the garage, patio, sidewalk or driveway. The most generalconcrete lifiting installations are in olderhomeconcrete slabs which have begun sinking, We have done work to Garages, Warehouses, Grocery stores, Greenhouses, Schools.
We pride ourselves atbeing the concrete lifting contractor that can work large jobs.We approach your project with aneasy to work with attitude.Examples of work we typically do:
  • Parking garages, Airports, Oil Plants,Hospital, CampusesShopping malls

No matter the sizeof your project, The Concrete Doctorsare here to help. Let us help fixyour uneven and sinking concrete.

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