Because of the many flooring options available, it’s easy to overlook epoxy coatings when considering flooring choices for your concrete epoxy basement floor. Epoxies or polymer stamped options provide many benefits over other floorings options. Epoxies are particularly suitable for a basement environment because of the barrier protection it has.

Epoxy for Your Basement Floor

As a mixture of industrial polymers, epoxy floor coatings have an enduring and visual appeal to them. Epoxy basement floors are popular because of the different option you can create. Epoxy floor coatings are available in numerous styles and can also be acid stained or stamped. Various solid colour or shimmery metallic flakes provides a sparkle. All of these looks are attractive and long-lasting. When preparing the surface, it sometimes needs to be ground of patched. Covering damaged or rough concrete slabs using epoxy can provide a facelift to your basement floor because epoxy floors are resistant to most chemicals or spills without damage.

Durable and Cost-effective Basement Floor Coating

Durability is the important feature of any basement mancave, hangout, or kids play area. No one wants to return to their basement renovation after a couple of years because the flooring product they choose is ruined or damaged. That’s why epoxy basement floors have become a popular choice. With a first-class epoxy floor, you can get years of use without wearing or peeling from the underlying surface. One of the best assets is you can add a microlayer to the epoxy should significate damage happen.

Breeze to Clean and Moisture sealant

Having an easy-to-clean floor for your kids or extended living space is an excellent choice because epoxy- floors do not retain dirt like bare concrete. If you are looking for a low maintenance basement, a great option is an epoxy coating. You are able to quickly sweep or vacuum dust, dirt and clean up any spills. Because epoxy coatings are impermeable, any spills are easily cleaned up. Since epoxy coatings are waterproof, they help protect the substrate beneath it from moisture. It is vital to protect your house from mildew and mould, and having a damp basement floor is not good. Epoxy floor coatings provide the security of knowing your floor will be able to withstand it floods, spill and hard wear.

Please note that if your floor has a moisture issue, we can test the surface first with a moisture Test Kit. Proper preparation before using an epoxy coating prevents future peeling or problems.

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Epoxy Basement Floors