What is the best concrete coatings I can use for my concrete?

If I had a nickel for every time, I was asked that question! The answer is, well, it depends. Do you want the best or something in your budget because, as we all know, the budget is critical? SO…. it all depends on what it is going to be used to accomplish. Exterior coatings for concrete can be paint, sealers, polymers, and thin-set concrete; however, it all depends on the application for interiors. Are you looking for a new floor in the basement for a wet bar? Will the coatings be used for the garage or warehouse. A good coating gives concrete a durable layer of protection against heavy traffic, abrasion, chemicals, and moisture exposure. It also should be a non-slip surface with low maintenance.



Today’s market has seen the selection of products for coating concrete grow at an exponential rate. Never has there been a great demand, and because of this, many manufacturers have met the demand by coming up with newly formatted solutions. The typical request is for a concrete thin-set that can cure fast and have a high psi with chemical resistance. The other aspects these compounds much have is an excellent bond with admixtures—the more abrasion resistant and adherence, the better. The benefit of having many choices in products means you now have your choice of decorative options.


Examples of these are colours or stamping patterns. The choices don’t have to be overwhelming. The Concrete Doctors are here to help recommend the best fit. Our challenge is to find the best choice that will fit a practical solution among the products available.

Concrete overlays and coatings are usually a substitute instead of replacing your old worn concrete. Having your old concrete broken out and hauled away is very expensive, messy and laborious. However, with an overlay concrete coating, you can restore it to a similar finish on the surface that looks new for a fraction of the cost.


Resurfacing old worn or damaged concrete, adding designs, textures, and or colour. By choosing an exterior concrete overlay, you will be increasing your properties value. The typical application is for patios, driveways, concrete step and sidewalks. The Concrete Doctors use special techniques and tools in combination with our skilled technicians to provide a new surface you will love. Restoring surfaces quickly with minimal downtime with polymer overlays is our passion.