Project Start

However, to precisely understand what you need to be quoted, let us help explain a typical job’s concrete. If you have existing concrete that is cracked and unable to be repaired, we can help remove and dispose of it. This would leave a mixture of sand and soil, which is typical. Because concrete was poured differently 20-30 years ago, the exposed base might have to be removed or added to to accommodate the new concrete.


When prepping a job, it is essential to know certain things. Will the job need support due to soil conditions? Was there excavation work recently done? Do you have sprinklers, wires, gas lines running through the proposed job area? Once all those questions are answered, an action plan of how to tackle the concrete project is put in place. A crew of 3-10 workers is standard on a Job site, depending on the size. The area is marked out with spray paint and or working off-site plans. Road crush, rebar, framing materials are all brought to site and set up.


January 4, 2014




Concrete Service