Epoxy Floors

The clean, bright, beautiful look of a new epoxy floor on resurfaced concrete in an interior garage or basement floor is mesmerizing. The Concrete Doctors chemically engineered blend of ingredients ensure that it will last a lifetime with regular upkeep. We have solutions for many applications of products. Whether you are looking to brighten and restore a garage floor or a room in your basement, the concrete doctors are here to help you along the way.

Choosing the right epoxy material for a new floor comes with many options. Epoxy applications are decorative and can be applied to just about any surface as long as the proper steps are followed. When deciding on a floor system that will work for you, remember that an epoxy flooring system can be used across many industries. Due to its high durability and wear resistance, epoxy is an ideal choice for most customers. With the many residential use applications, epoxy resin floors genuinely standout from other flooring options.

What is Epoxy?

Did you know epoxy is a chemical make up of a distinct blend of materials? This Viscous material consists of a two-part mixture that has a limited work time when mixed. Most Epoxies are a combination of polymer resins and hardeners and have a consistency like glue. Mixing the 2 part chemical epoxy resin creates a reaction resulting in a bond forming between each compound. This is how and why epoxy flooring is so resilient to wear and tear once the chemical bond sets in place, a reliable and rigid material is left on the substrate.

How many kinds of Epoxy flooring systems are there?

If you are considering an epoxy resin overlay, let us explain what epoxy floors are comprised of. The different types of epoxy resins have specific kinds of uses. Every type of blend is for a separate substrate or environment. The benefits span residential, commercial, industrial, and uneven military applications.

Categories of Epoxy Flooring and Applications

Self-Balancing Epoxy: This product is applied to new, old, or damaged concrete floors once the area has been prepared by grinding it clean. The properties of the product leave a durable and leveled consistency on the surface of the substrate. The selection of this epoxy floor system comes in various colors and has the added benefit of accepting a non-slip finish.

Areas of use: Shipping warehouses, manufacturing environments, showrooms, automotive garages, gym facilities, residential garages, basement floors۔

Epoxy concrete polymer overlay: This product is typically used for the repair of damaged old concrete. This material, when mixed, bears a resemblance to concrete. The blend of ingredients in this compound consists of fine sand and polymers. This floor option can be troweled out or broom finished. It is also to be used to repair cracks before applying other types of epoxy floor.

Areas of use: Epoxy concrete polymer overlay: Construction spaces, warehouses, automotive garages, manufacturing plants, high traffic exterior areas, Driveways.

Metallic, Acid stain, or Quartz Epoxy Floors:These epoxy flooring systems combine high-performance resins and additives to give them their unique appearance. Due to the attractive appearance of these types of products, most customers utilizethemfor decorative spaces.

Areas of use: Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors: locker rooms, restrooms, schools, cafeterias, lobbies, offices, showrooms, and more.

Anti-Static Epoxy Floors: Have you ever got a static shock or charge? Remember, as a child rubbing your feet on the rug and zapping your friend? Static charge can be dangerous in several work environments. To reduce any static threats in your business,perhaps an anti-static epoxy floor can be installed? An adequately installed Anti-Static base can effectively prevent the accumulation of static build-up.

Areas of use: Anti-Static Epoxy Floors: electronic workshops, computer companies, chemical manufactures, or pharmaceutical facilities, healthcare facilities, or the oil and gases industry.

Most Common Epoxy Flake Floors: As the title implies, the epoxy flake floor is one of the most common flooring systems in the industry due to the versatile application it fits. This type of epoxy flooring has various colors and combinations to select your finished product from. It also provides a uniform look

that helps hide subtle imperfections in the concrete. The flakes add a safety quality to your epoxy floor by providing a textured grip. Epoxy flake floors come in an endless variety of selection choices. When picking the styles that fit your project, some of the options to consider are sizes, colors, styles, and textures that are customizable for any space.
Areas of use: Epoxy Flake Floors: Residential Garages, box stores, office common area’s, Change rooms, sports complexes, Showrooms, Doctor clinics, commercial kitchens, and many more.
By now, you have probably figured out that Epoxy flooring is a multi-purpose solution that provides along-lasting, resilient solution to your project renovation.