Edmonton Alberta has an interior microclimate with more sunshine than any other province. Winters are dry and cold, with Chinook winds sometimes offering reprieve, so when spring finally arrives, it’s time to celebrate. There is no better time than mid-April to start thinking about your projects for the summer and holidays you have to book. The Concrete Doctors are here to help you with the projects. Your on your own booking holiday plans!

There are many types of concrete services The Concrete Doctors offer; however, knowing the best direction for your project is when the planning can start. Whether you are looking for a repair on existing concrete or a new stamped concrete patio, let us provide some insight.
Some perfect examples are:

Concrete resurfacing is increasing due to a homeowner’s ability to repair worn concrete using a high-performance concrete coatings. By resurfacing old concrete, sometimes the costs are significantly less than the process of replacements saving you the money you can use to upgrade other parts of your yard.

Replace a wood deck If your sick of maintaining that faded, stained wood deck, why not replace it with a concrete patio or slabs to hold your next party on. Once in place, your new concrete patio can be sealed and designed to look like a million bucks without the upkeep of wood. Concrete is a versatile material that allows you to add colour, patterns and cast it in many shapes. Forget the wood deck; let’s do a new concrete patio!

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